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News in a New Year

Though it may be cold and somewhat of a reality slap, pressure-inducing (ahem back to the grind, must shed Christmas calories and lazy lounging behavior and determinedly adhere to New Year’s Resolutions) month, January has been unfolding some sweet possibilities and opportunities. I recently began a baking position with Scratch, in Durham and it is wonderful being around such inspiring talent, good, honest ingredients and people who are as silly over food as I am, all the while, learning some new trades. My arms, hands and wrists are still reeling from all the hardcore rolling, shaping and mixing I’ve been doing but it’s okay because I suspect I’ll acquire some major muscle power in these wimpy arms of mine.

Speaking of Durham, this past week was an exciting one for The Bull City, which made my heart full of pride (hello New York Times)! Seriously, three shout outs in just a week, so impressive! If you haven’t voted for Durham as “one of the south’s tastiest towns” yet, you’d better get on that!I’m also excited to share that I will be working with Heidi Larsen, of Foodie Crush  (an awesome online magazine and blog which celebrates food bloggers!), as a contributor and I look forward to sharing some of these collaborations that are in the works.

Things I am loving right now…

My new Rifle Paper Co. cities calendar


New episodes of Girls, Parks and Rec and New Girl and old episodes of Frasier, for funny comfort food for the brain

These beautiful, inspiring blogs:

The Sophisticated Gourmet—how ’bout these gorgeous doughnuts?! Be still my heart

The Pastry Affair

Whole Larder Love This blog is stunning and Rohan’s blog reminds me of a male version of What Katie Ate

Always with Butter Julie’s photography and food styling are so gorgeous—she’s got such a good eye. Plus, I really want to make that Elderflower cake!


I’ve been a tad obsessed with smoothies lately, which is odd, considering I’ve never cared much for them—the idea of drinking a meal as opposed to the more visceral act of chewing was just not appealing, not to mention, most non-homemade smoothies are packed with syrups, un-fresh fruit and tons of added sugar. But recently my curiosity has been piqued by the major juicing craze going on right now and I am in the midst of it, sans juicer, lusting after this recipe. Yes, I may have a little bit of juicer envy. So, I resort to the closest tool—one that can come as close to making juice without an actual juicer, the good old-fashioned blender. And for some reason, I’ve also been obsessed with purple foods…

like this Purple Kale and Berry Smoothie…hey it almost looks like juice!

Winter Purple Kale and Berry Smoothie

Winter Purple Kale and Berry Smoothie

and this blueberry oatmeal (I mix blueberries into steel-cut oats and let them mingle for about half the time the oats cook—getting them in there early ensures they swell and burst, yielding the prettiest violet colored oatmeal).


I’m eating:

Leftover Chorizo and White Bean Stew that I made last night, from this exciting new issue…


I’m craving:

Um doughnuts as usual, but I haven’t touched one since I left Brooklyn, honest! (oh Dough…how I will miss thee..). I really want to go to Rise and Monuts. Both are in Durham. Being in Durham so frequently now is going to make this desire a convenient reality…and a dangerous one…

I want to make:

This bread (I’ve been long missing the oat-molasses bread from Simple Kneads)

-It’s been freezing here and this Beef and Barley Stew looks like the perfect antidote

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