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Well I meant to post this on Friday…oops. I was hoping by the next time I was ready to write again it would finally be spring. This weather has been so bipolar lately. Warm and beautiful one day, then bitterly cold and wet the next. Every time we catch a glimpse of spring, stubborn old winter swoops back in and reminds us it won’t relenquish its grip without a good fight. The other afternoon, the sun made a brief appearance after a day of drear, and then we had a bizarre, fleeting  fit of rain and snow at the same time. It was like spring and winter were having a quarrel. Well winter, I shall shake my fist at you (yet again), and dutifully return to the stove to make (yet again) another pot of soup. Hopefully by our last bowl, you will be out the door (for good this time). And now, as I’m revisiting this post (and finishing it), it looks like spring has granted our request. It’s going to be 70 today! 70! Hip hip hooray!

Kitchen Flowers

Kitchen Flowers

Playing around with wedding flowers in tiny old bottles...

Playing around with wedding flowers in tiny old bottles…

I’ve been in the kitchen a lot lately. I made chocolate chip cookies with all whole wheat flour and quinoa. No that is not a typo. I was bemused by this recipe, and had to give it a whirl. They were pretty good, warm from the oven, but they don’t hold up as well, and nothing well ever be as good as cookies made with good old fashioned all-purpose flour and a lot of butter. I also made my first ever gluten-free muffins (banana with chocolate chip). They also weren’t half bad, but again… But the real winner of my heart is the Irish Whiskey & Brown Bread Ice Cream I made, courtesy of ice cream king and dessert wizard, David Lebovitz . Caramelized bread crumbs from the leftover loaf of Irish Brown Bread I made (to accompany the equally awesome Shepherd’s Pie I made—recipe to come), were folded into a luxurious custard that was spiked with a wee bit of Irish Whiskey. Who are we kidding, I may have doubled it. It might be one of the best ice creams I’ve made so far. The only thing I didn’t do was add an entire block of cream cheese to the already decadent custard. I simply figured it didn’t need it, and I was right.

Shepherd in a Cottage Pie

Shepherd in a Cottage Pie

Irish Brown Bread

Irish Brown Bread

Anyhow, let’s get to it, shall we? Here are some things I’m enjoying right now…

  • I’ve been reading Stephen King’s memoir, “Stephen King, on Writing” and oddly enough, it’s the first Stephen King book I’ve ever read. I’ve really been enjoying it.
  • I want to do this to cauliflower.
  • I’d be lying if I said this article doesn’t make me feel extremely happy and validated. I want to shout it from the mountains in the land o’ lakes, “long live butterrrrrr!”
  • We made these potatoes with some walnut pesto, a grilled spatchcocked chicken under a brick, and some grilled asparagus and they were EPIC. The whole meal was.
  • I can’t get enough of this (sorta healthy) quinoa granola. The first time I tried this recipe, I tried to make them into bars, but they mostly crumbled apart. At first I was irked, but then I realized it just made some really awesome granola, so that’s how I do it now.
  • I’m not enjoying this but I would really really like to, and we’ll be in NYC in May! Very tempting…
  • Wes Anderson is such a hipster magnet. I’ve never been a particularly huge fan, but I just saw this last night and absolutely loved it. It was hysterical, and entertaining, it transports you into this wintry European storybook world, and I loved everything that fell out of Ralph Fiennes’ mouth. The one thing I will say I have always appreciated about Wes Anderson films is his knack for such flawless color palettes and the theatrical symmetry and composure of every single frame. This film makes perfect use of that. Highly recommended (even if you’re not typically a fan).

We have one of these lovely trees in our front yard, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its bloom. Much to my elation, it bloomed just the other day! The robins and I are rejoicing. Hello spring, it’s good to see you.


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Turn Loose

Sometimes you just have to have your power go out for two days (and counting) to motivate yourself to finally sit down and blog. Sometimes you have to wait until noon for coffee, and trudge out in nasty winter slosh for homefries and a biscuit the size of your head, and get your socks drenched and crash at friends’ houses. And sometimes you have to reconcile that those bananas you were waiting ever so patiently for to gracefully reach the perfect ripening point for making banana bread are probably gonna have to be tossed out. Espresso banana bread, you are still on my horizon, even if I am getting the runaround.

2014 has been a cold one so far, as winter just seems to refuse to release its stubborn grip on us, repeatedly (and inconveniently) giving us the proverbial middle finger. Turn us loose, winter! Several winter advisory warnings, one painful and embarrassing fall resulting in one big bruised elbow, lots of House of Cards episodes, and two days of cafe hopping and wifi mooching later, here I finally am. Blogging for the first time this year…and for myself no less! Between wedding planning and multiple jobs, it’s been a cold (albeit productive) new year! I’ve been contributing more regularly to FoodieCrush, which I love, and I’ve been continuing to blog for a sweet local restaurant and a couple wonderful local hotels. I like being busy, and I am excited for what the upcoming year holds. A lot of change, a lot of travels, new friends, and new opportunities. You can see some of the latest stuff I’ve done for Foodiecrush here and here.

Can I just say I’m kind of jealous of this little Union Square Green Market party going on right now (via Instagram), with Deb and Mimi and Nicole? So much beautiful creativity in such a concentrated location!

So for now, as I will away this winter, I will dream of wildflowers, open windows, rhubarb, asparagus, and sundresses, NYC in the springtime, and this strawberry supreme cake that I can’t stop thinking about. Oh, and I will certainly try to be a more devoted blogger. I promise. Here’s a little peek of what I’ve been up to so far this year…

A few of my favorite things…


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