List Love

  • This article—a recap on what it is like to eat/live like Gwyneth Paltrow for 10 days is a hilarious read
  • Totally interested in trying to read several books on this list
  • I’m dying to make this summer salad. And then watch Chocolat. …Just kidding…but really, this salad!!
  • I think this is the sweetest, most wonderful story…you can also listen to Cynthia’s Moth story here
  • The other night I had the privilege to see my dear, talented friend Caitlin Watkins play a show at The Green Bean, along with my favorite subway band from Brooklyn, Bird Courage—a trio of wonderfully talented and kind musicians.  I used to hear them play in the Metropolitan station a lot and absolutely loved them. Then Caitlin befriended them and now they play shows together! You can hear two of my favorite songs of theirs here and here


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2 responses to “List Love

  1. Your blog is hilarious and a bit of a deja vu experience. I laughed out loud at Gwyneths diet blog and have posted it on my Facebook. I have also been nagging Louisa to watch Chocolat with me so maybe she will now after we’ve eaten your peach and tomato salad (weve been making something like that on our Intermittent Fasting days). Lastly and not least, my father in law has a glut of rhubarb and I know what I’ll be making. x

  2. Thanks Susan! I’m so jealous of your access to rhubarb! Because we’re in the south, it’s harder to come by. It’s available at mainstream grocery stores but is overpriced and I’d rather have local anyway. I’ve been dying to get my hands on some though, so I might just have to cave in! I wish I could come eat with you all—Louisa and I still want to have a pizza cook-off! : ) xo

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