List Love

  • I just discovered this blog by some local Durhamites, called Starting Fresh, and it is beautiful. I especially want to make this beautiful cake
  • Enjoying this lifestyle blog I recently found
  • I wanna go to a garden party at Roberta’s! Well, and I just want to go to Roberta’s…

Beyond excited to go to NYC and Maine in a couple days! Planning on revisiting some of my favorite old haunts and conquering some new territory—(i.e. Abraco, Lucali, Mighty Quinn’s, Bob White Lunch and Supper Counter, Il Laboratorio del Gelato).



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3 responses to “List Love

  1. Ali

    Thanks for the Starting Fresh shout out! Coincidentally, I used to work as a baker at Four & Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, which was the inspiration for The Baking Bird’s Salted Lavender Honey Pie. Small (bloggin) world!
    I got to try that cake that Elizabeth made and let me tell you, it is well worth any amount of time and effort in the kitchen.

    • Hey Ali! Sure, I’m really enjoying your blog and am glad I stumbled across it. Funny enough, I recently got engaged and was browsing for wedding inspiration and came across photos from your wedding via I saw that you live in Durham and I remembered reading about This and That Jam and was ultimately linked to your blog. I live in Greensboro but was baking at Scratch until recently (my commute became too much). It is a small bloggin’ world, I actually did a trail at Four & Twenty Blackbirds when I was living and interning in NYC last summer/fall. For whatever reason, it didn’t work out but it’s the loveliest little bakery. Are you familiar with The Blue Stove in Williamsburg? I baked there for a few months before my internship was up and I loved it—it’s another wonderful little pie shop. Again, small, small world…

      • Ali

        Don’t think Blue Stove existed while I was in Brooklyn, but I could be wrong… I was so busy working I barely ever made it up to Williamsburg. Congrats on the engagement! If I can give one farm wedding piece of advice it’s not to get married on the hottest day of the summer. Somehow the photos came out great but everyone was sweating to death.

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