Link Love

  • I’m really intrigued by Campari and Aperol since I’ve yet to try them both and I think when I do (which will have to be soon), I will make Molly Wizenberg’s Americano and her Pamplemousse (which happens to be my absolute favorite French word) ; ) I’m a sucker for a cocktail with fresh grapefruit juice
  • Also really intrigued by homemade bitters. We decided we want to make some so we can avoid paying $20 for an itty bitty bottle of them! So we ordered two adorable little glass dropper bottles (a cobalt for me and an amber for him). First up: Lavender bitters! Then Rhubarb!
  • Really impressed and amused by Allison Robicelli’s profanity riddled in defense of cupcakes tirade via Grubstreet’s article—and whether you think cupcakes are overrated or not, she makes some really valid points.
  • I want to sleep in a lighthouse!! 
  • Been on a crepe kick. Really wan to make these
  • This story both fills and breaks my heart. It’s so sweet and touching and I urge you to listen…
  • This makes me so happy and nostalgic for New York. I can’t put into words how excited I am to get back there in a few weeks. My three words would have to be: humanity, culture, connections. But it’s touch to contain all of my feelings and all of my love about this city in just three words. It’s so much bigger than that.


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3 responses to “Link Love

  1. fabandfiftyish

    Reading your latest blog, your wishes and intentions rang so true with our lives just today on the other side of the Atlantic, almost spookily so. Louisa and I visited one of our Farmers markets today (I think she was hoping it was Williamsburg) and enjoyed a savoury crepe of chorizo and cheese which we shared as we strolled around the square of the traditional English Village. We sampled rhubarb vodka and imagined champagne cocktails with drizzles of this in the bottom of the glass. However our favourite cocktail of late has been Grapefruit Margheritas as inspired by the Barefoot contessa, Ina Garten. Enjoy your upcoming visit to New York. You are so lucky.

  2. Susan that’s too funny! I’m happy to hear this! We make a great pair : ) And that all sounds lovely—I actually made a rhubarb syrup last spring and am planning on doing it again soon, as it makes for a great addition to cocktails (like a rhubarb mojito)! Here’s the recipe if you guys are interested, it’s super easy too: xo

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