List Link Love

I like to make lists. I’m all about lists. When other people were drawing and doodling during class time lulls, I was making lists. “Favorite movies,” “hottest actors,” “places I most want to travel to,” “favorite desserts.” Classic. My class time days are long over but my list-making mania is not! The only difference is now my lists are in my i-phone. Every time I come on here to blog, I struggle to refrain from making lists. This is because this blog is more about writing and well, list-making is pretty simple and doesn’t have as much substance or depth. But I always find myself wanting to share new blogs I’ve been reading lately or new recipes I’ve discovered or just general inspiration. Speaking of inspiration, I was inspired by one of the food bloggers I follow—Tracy (from Shutterbean). Every Friday she posts an “I Love Lists” blog, with links to recipes she’s drooling over, funny youtube videos or interesting articles. I like this concept and while I can’t delegate a particular day of each week for this, I’d like to still do it once a week, be it Monday or Thursday.

So away we go!

List Link Love

  • These juvenile apology letters are snot-blowing, snort-inducing, cackle-coaxing hilarious
  • In the wake of Monday’s tragic events, I have been sad and angry and fearful for the future of this country and world but it’s things like this that restore a bit of faith in humanity for me…
  • This man’s story is particularly incredible…what he’s been through is inconceivable and I feel for this young man he helped save who was rooting on the sidelines for his girlfriend who was running in the marathon and today he has no legs.
  • The polls are open for SAVEUR magazine’s food blog awards! Have you voted yet?
  • really want to make these easy English muffins. Like now.
  • I just barreled through the first season of Friday Night Lights and can’t wait to start season two and continue to idolize Tami Taylor and her beautiful, luscious, perfect hair. And if her amazing performances on the show weren’t enough to make me love her…there’s this
  • How fun are these springy little straws?
  • I also really want to make this. With Mint Julep floats. Kentucky Derby anyone?
  • I recently discovered this blog (which I think is pure genius) and it’s like I jumped in somebody’s delorean and am six years old again, making book castles on the living room floor. I lost several of my children’s books during a big flood (Thanks Hurricane Fran) and this blog has urged me to try and recall and replenish my beloved kid book collection. So far, I’ve found Sammy the Seal, Tom and Jerry’s Party, The Little Red Hen, Country Mouse and City Mouse, Little Rabbit’s Loose Toothand this rare find, which brought back the biggest wave of nostalgia and luckily I did NOT have to pay $138 for it.



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