Out like a Lamb


While it’s been colder than I would like, as winter stubbornly refuses to release its grip and surrender to spring, the Bradford Pears are in full bloom and the robins are hopping about in the yard and chirping with more fervor so I’m calling it. Spring has sprung. It’s my favorite time of year. I am eagerly awaiting Pimm’s Cup weather and the arrival of  fresh peas, radishes, rhubarb, asparagus and strawberries—(though it will be quite awhile for those) at the farmer’s market and am dying to make the following:

  • This vibrant Radish Cous Cous looks like the embodiment of spring…
  • This  Strawberry. Coconut. Margarita.
  • Spring also means Hot Cross Buns and I can’t wait to make them again…
  • The recipe doesn’t particularly scream “spring,” but I’ve had a hankering to make this black coffee ice cream
  • Desperately want to make this cocktail. Also desperately want to go to Pok Pok. Next time New York, next time…
  • I’ve never been a fan of dying Easter eggs (partly because I hate hardboiled eggs anyway), but these little beauts sure do like fun and I may have to do this

In the course of these past few weeks, there was a wedding…

and many leftover flowers

and many leftover wedding flowers

There were Spicy Soba Noodles with Shrimp and Tofu…


A new obsession in the form of one bad boy of a sandwich (Fried runny duck egg, melted cheddar, bacon & caramelized onion jam, mayo, lettuce and pickled onion on the most luscious buttermilk bun), from Scratch, which may be the best sandwich I’ve ever had, or at least a tie with the Cuban roast pork sandwich from El Paseo, in Seattle). It’s certainly the messiest, which supports my theory that the best sandwiches are also the messiest ones.


and a fleeting trip to Wilmington (for an essential Dawson’s Creek pilgrimage)


And the gift of the sweetest, most amazing apron ever, from my dear friend Louisa (seriously, I can’t tell you how excited I am about this apron)!


And I am ridiculously excited about this discovery—my preferred out-to-dinner beverage from about age 7-13, especially since for some odd reason I’ve been craving Shirley Temples lately (even though I haven’t had one in years). Probably because last week, I came across this little feature on this amazing looking small batch grenadine from Jack Rudy. It’s funny because right after I saw this, I spotted both the grenadine and the tonic at Bestway and then the past two nights in a row (at Dinner at RX—an amazing new restaurant, in Wilmington and Mateo in Durham), there were two cocktails on the menu with Jack Rudy tonic. The one from RX had gin, rosemary and lemon and the one from Mateo had saffron-infused tonic, local Cardinal gin and orange. I ordered them of course and it really is amazing stuff—it’s distinctly crisper and now I want to try that grenadine.  I’m curious to see delightful this little cutie would be when mixed with some gin…


This week, I am excited to play with Elderflower liqueur (in baking)! Stay tuned.


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