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New York I Love You

Today marks a month since I moved here, arriving at 169 Diamond St. on a fiercely hot summer evening, tired and not quite sure what to expect.  We unloaded the car and unpacked as I tried to fill my new room (that I am borrowing from someone else) with pieces of me and then we took our tired bodies down a few blocks for a late night bittersweet, full of emotions dinner (and much needed drinks) at Calexico.

A month later, this city is becoming less and less strange to me as I continue to orient myself with these streets and navigate these trains, continually finding myself saying (to myself) “I know where I am now!”  I love how whether I find myself in the West Village, SoHo or wandering around Greenpoint, I never fail to discover something interesting.

I love how every day I hear at least 5 different accents or languages being spoken around me as I am immersed in a collage of cultures.  I love when I happen upon a subway musician so good I actually want to miss my G train (and that’s really saying something if any of you know the G train).  I love the Chrysler building, especially at night.  I love walking everywhere.  I love how this city seems to radiate with possibility.  I love Washington Square Park at dusk.   I love my favorite bodega Manhattan Fruit (which is actually almost a half a mile from my house) – it’s run by the sweetest little Asian couple and it has just about anything I need when I get off the Nassau stop before I head home.  I love McCarren Park, where there’s always something going on, be it yoga, a soccer game or some group of people engaging in a weird improvisational technique, and my little Polish neighborhood where I can see the gorgeous NYC skyline from and walk down to the East River pier in less than 15 minutes and have this view…

And while I’m quite enamored with this city, like any place, there are certainly some annoying quirks that come with it.  Because you can’t have the good without the bad, right?  Sweltering in the summer heat with no air circulation down in the subway, waiting for the G train (WILL IT EVER COME?!), random whiffs of urine, impatient people who insist on getting on the train before you can even get off, the crazzies, traffic, drivers dangerously encroaching on my pedestrian space and almost running me over (“I’m walkin’ here!”), the few moments after the Bedford stop and before 1st ave, when the L train lurches underwater from Brooklyn to Manhattan and violently jerks you back and forth like a vicious dog shaking a chew toy…

Luckily, the goods outweigh the bad.

However, as much as I love it here, I know that it is only a temporary place for me and I am okay with that.  I don’t want to settle here or raise children here.  I need a little less transient of a place, some good clean air and more green.  I got this little charm to remind me of home and I will wear it when I miss it and wear it and even when I don’t…


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Bucket List

Right now:

Eating/Drinking a glass of rosé and  Panzanella salad that I just made with ingredients from the Union Square Green Market (cucumber, watermelon, baby heirloom tomatoes), feta from Whole Foods and Cuban bread from a generous baker I met on Saturday at the Fort Greene Market.

Listening to: Justin Townes Earle, Henry Wolfe, King Wilkie, The Love Language

Watching: The Newsroom.  I can’t get enough.

Reading: Really loved this Joy the Baker post, also reading (and loving) Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird

Learning:  How to be a reporter.  How to CONDENSE my writing (just not on my blog) and not be so verbose.  How to go beyond just being tenacious and how to hound people for fact checking purposes.





My British friend Louisa (who is here for a year, also doing an internship) has created a “NYC Bucket List,” with things like “have breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Be in a Woody Allen movie,” and my personal favorite, “drag a Christmas tree home like they do in the movies.” I find this concept completely endearing (and inspiring), so I have decided to make my own for the duration I’m living here…

NYC Bucket List (in no particular order)

  • Eat at BalthazarDi FaraLocanda Verde and Babbo
  • Bump into Maggie Gyllenhaal or Michelle Williams in Fort Greene/surrounding Brooklyn hoods, preferably while shopping (or working) at the Flea
  • Go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
  • Ice skate in Central Park
  • Write a feature for TONY
  • Take the East River ferry from my neighborhood into the city
  • Meet Chris Noth (he frequently works literally 150 feet away from me, on my street) so this shouldn’t be a terribly hard feat
  • Be an extra on Girls or watch them film a scene (also shouldn’t be too hard a feat since they too film right by my apartment)
  • Eat at a secret restaurant
  • See Sleep No More again!
  • Have the hot fudge sundae at Pearl Oyster Bar
  • Have the Devil’s food cake at The Dutch
  • See something while dining at Nitehawk Cinema
  • See something at BAM
  • Have noodles at 3am at the no name bar
  • Learn how to ask for bread in Polish, so I can negotiate a bargain with one of the Polish bakers outside The New Warsaw Bakery one of these late nights when I’m walking by and the wafting aroma of freshly baked bread becomes irresistible

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