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Rainy Days and Roasted Strawberry Scones

I’m fairly certain that rainy mornings were meant for lying in, pajamas til’ noon and roasted strawberry scones.  Lately I’ve been taking advantage of the early strawberry season and have been playing with fun recipes to use these berries in; as well as rhubarb.  Both fuse together harmoniously when nestled into a buttery, cakey cobbler, which has become my new favorite way to enjoy these two fruits together.  I adapted this Saveur Magazine’s recipe for rhubarb cobbler, subbing half the amount of rhubarb for some farmer’s market strawberries and I used white sugar instead of brown and the sticky, cakey dough rose up between the bubbling pink and red fruits and filled our house with the most heavenly smell.

Do yourself a favor and make this ASAP!

My friend Elizabeth shared a recipe for rhubarb syrup (perfect for rhubarb mojitos)!  It amazes me how such an odd smelling fruit that is like a red version of celery can transform into such a delicious tart and sweet fruit and how when boiled down with some sugar and water, it will turn into a vivid watermelon hue.  I love the added spice from the vanilla bean the the subtlety of the nutmeg – just enough to know its there.

I also made some gorgeous strawberry conserve that we’ve been enjoying with toast and farmer’s cheese, though it’s a little too far on the tart side for me.  I’ve been wanting to pair it with some ice cream of some sort to help balance it a little.

Then this morning, I was itching to make these roasted strawberry scones and I’m so glad I did.  Roasted in brown sugar and balsamic vinegar, the strawberries blistered and broke down under the heat and after they cooled they were folded into the scone dough.  I think I could have stood to roast them about 15 minutes longer than I did (I only did about 45) and I think they made the dough a little stickier than it should have been, but adding flour can always solve that problem (and I added lots more)!  They turned the dough kind of a pretty mauve color and baked up beautifully.  I drizzled them with a glaze (of powdered sugar, half and half and a tad of the leftover roasting juices) and ate them with mascarpone cheese…sublime.  I may or may not have eaten two and may or may not be thinking about having another one…

This has nothing to do with strawberries but everything to do with a certain apple we all know.  Ahem…drumroll please…Now for some exciting news!  For those who don’t yet know, I’ve been offered (and have obviously accepted) an editorial food & drink internship with Time Out New York!  I will be temporarily moving to NYC this July for about four months or so.  I feel so lucky and am so ecstatic about this fortunate opportunity and the adventure that lies ahead.  More to come very soon!

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