Pulling Teeth

I’m sitting here, toes freezing in this drafty house that’s been encased with this unseasonably cold weather that came in over the weekend.  I’ve been multitasking, holding a heat pack over my face and trying to clean/pick up the house a bit so I can regain a useful, productive feeling.  Since Friday, I have been on a very uninspiring, depressing diet (apple sauce, broth, pudding) and have been confined to the couch and bed, due to the removal of 4 pesky little teeth – one of which was particularly ornery and kept rearing its little tooth head and causing me problems.  So out they finally went.  And even though it’s only been a few days, it feels like a week already since I’ve had real food, or even cooked and oh how I miss it so.  I basically checked out mentally a couple days before the supposed surgery date (which was last Wednesday) but there was a mix up and unfortunately I had to wait until Friday morning (but I had still checked out), so I haven’t cooked or cleaned in just about a week.  So after copious episodes of bad reality TV, Etsy browsing and pain pill sedated naps, my swollen chipmunk cheeks and I have officially grown stir-crazy.  Ciphering through food blogs and dreaming of pasta with bolognese, carnitas and oatmeal cake with broiled icing has turned me into a salivating, envious invalid.  I never thought I’d miss the mere act of chewing so much!  It has been nice to have a genuine excuse to be lazy all weekend and it was nice being taken care of which I was so fully and selflessly but my inherent ambitious nature is itching to get back to my usual routine.

Alas, I am eagerly awaiting cooking hopefully by Friday or Saturday and easing back into everything soon!

In the meantime, I am dreaming of 1970s sundresses, pistachio poundcake and the next episode of Downton Abbey (yes, I finally saw it and after just 2 episodes I’m already hooked).  My mother is so proud.


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