I Saw Pumpkins

It may still be warm outside, even hot, but fall is still creeping its way in.  I saw pumpkins yesterday!  If pumpkins aren’t a definitive sign of fall’s arrival, I don’t know what is.  Also, when I walked through the doors of The Fresh Market, I was hit with a rush of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove aromas, coming from where I don’t know.  I think The Fresh Market is trying to tell us something…

I can’t express enough, how excited I am about making the following dishes as the weather gets cooler:

  • Beef Bourguignon
  • Slow-Braised Short Ribs
  • Rigatoni with Ragu
  • Canard aux Framboises
  • Parsnip fries
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding
  • Bread Pudding with Whiskey sauce
  • Whoopie Pies
  • Cinnamon Rolls *ahem* (The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls)
  • Sweet Potato Gnocchi
  • Butternut squash anything

Fall also means it’s probably time to start listening to more Sufjan Stevens which I am doing right now…which must mean I am on the ball.  And spending excessive amounts of time at the gym, given all of this amazing, warming, high caloric fall food I’ll be eating!  Totally worth it.

But as I wait for this cooler weather to kick its way in, I will get back to my greek yogurt and berries and leave you with these…


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