Dough NOT Underestimate the Power of Doughnuts

A few days ago I decided I wanted doughnuts.  Not doughnuts from a chain though.  My boyfriend and I were in Fort Lauderdale (after spontaneously pouncing on some irresistibly cheap tickets through Jet Blue).  We only had a day and a leisurely morning, and on that leisurely morning, before departing for the airport, we set out in quest of breakfast.  Hoping to find a simple mom & pop shop with pancakes or even better, a mom & pop shop with doughnuts.  Unable to find either one, we settled (or *ahem* I settled) for some Dunkin’ Donuts – something Jay has always loved and something I have always stubbornly despised a little bit.  (Don’t even get me started on their “coffee”).  I don’t mean to sound like a snob, but I guess when it comes to doughnuts, I just am.  I have always loved Krispee Kreme’s classic glazed doughnuts and if in the middle of an intense craving for doughnuts, Dunkin’ will suffice, but it must be said that a homemade, old-fashioned doughnut shop is simply unbeatable.

There’s a place that exemplifies precisely what I envision when I think “doughnuts,” and it is in my hometown of Cary, North Carolina.  It’s called Daylight Donuts.  It’s plain but humble; family owned.  Their cake doughnuts with chocolate or maple glaze are my absolute favorite.  Thick and cakey, never dry and full of flavor.  On mornings when my mom and sister and I would take off for the beach for a day or two, we’d always make a point to stop there for a treat on the road.  And one time, during a debate with Jay on Dunkin’ Donuts, I raved about Daylight to him, insisting he had to try it.  So on one of his visits to Cary, he did and although he enjoyed it, he still remains a faithful Dunkin’ devotee.  Oh well, I sigh, I tried my best to convert him.

While Dunkin’ Donuts mildly satisfied my ravenous craving in Fort Lauderdale, I came back to Greensboro, with doughnuts still on the brain.  So when I awoke this morning, and made some coffee while the rain pitter pattered soothingly, outside on this dreary Monday, I decided to look up doughnut recipes on Tastespotting.  What first started out as a harmless pursuit for a recipe for another possibly rainy day, quickly turned to a more urgent, pressing matter, as my mouth began watering as glorious images of homemade doughnuts filled my monitor.  Then something occurred to me…was there a homemade, non-chain doughnut shop in Greensboro, or was the city just dotted with a few of the obligatory Dunkin’s and Krispee’s?  I had to find out.  Let me just say, I am very grateful for Google.  What would we ever do without this savvy, always reliable porthole of knowledge?

Much to my surprise and excitement, good ole’ Google led me to an address for a place called Donut World, located at 5561 W. Market Street.  I showed my boyfriend.  “Would it be totally crazy to go get doughnuts right now?” I asked him.   “Not at all,” he said nonchalantly.  So through the rain, with pup in tow, to Donut World we went!

When we arrived, I knew we were in for the treat I had been looking for.  The selection was impressive and I wanted one of each.  (No really, I did).  We compromised with 1/2 a dozen.  My choices: glazed, buttermilk with maple frosting and cake with chocolate glaze.   Jays: bavarian cream, old-fashioned and raspberry.

A truly good, classic doughnut is heavenly.  A truly good, classic doughnut can easily be consumed in multitudes of 3 (at least).  I am re-professing my love for doughnuts.

What better way to spend a lazy, rainy Monday morning than with some French-pressed Peet’s coffee, the New York Times, a good book, and homemade doughnuts from (my latest obsession) – Donut World?!  As soon as I took my first bite of the glazed doughnut, I had to close my eyes so I could intently and properly savor the sublime experience that was taking place in my mouth.  I’m not exaggerating, folks.  Krispee Kreme ain’t got nothin’ on Donut World.  Owner and doughnut wizard Lean Ly definitely knows what she’s doing.  Check out this little article on her place.

And while I’ve got doughnuts on the brain, I remembered seeing this nifty little feature in Bon Appetit awhile ago, and thought I would share it with you in case you haven’t already seen it.

Perhaps it would still be a lot of fun to experiment with making doughnuts at home, but when there are places out there like Daylight Donuts and Donut World, why bother tampering with something that is already perfection?  I think for now, I’ll leave it to the pros.  Thank goodness my boyfriend doesn’t think less of me for already being able to happily and easily consume all three of my doughnuts in the same morning.


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