Me Oh My, I Love Pie

(So Andie MacDowell sings in the movie Michael)…and I think she’s onto something.  I’ve always been more of a cobbler gal and still am, but I just made Molly Wizenberg’s “Hoosier Pie” in honor of Derby Day (since it’s very much a derby pie with a different name) and man it was good!  In fact, I just ate some and it’s disappearing rather quickly.  I have to say I’m a little pleased with myself, because I’ve only made crust a couple times in my life and I find pie crust especially intimidating, but not wanting to opt for the store bought thing, I settled in for the real deal.  I followed Mrs. Wizenberg’s directions and though I was a bit puzzled when I read “crimp the pie dough,” I found an excellent Youtube tutorial and figured it out!  Here’s what came out…

it all started with Mr. Jim Beam here…

Lo and behold…

Hoosier Pie!  It was ooey and gooey and crunchy and chewy and had the perfect amount of bourbon in it – you knew it was there but it didn’t steal all the glory of the pie.

I also made The Pioneer Woman’s “Fancy Macaroni” and it was basically gourmet mac & cheese on steroids.  I love that there’s gruyere and bacon in it – it reminded me of the macaroni gratin at Vin Rouge (except Vin Rouge has it beat, sorry Ree)!  While this dish was awesome, I would change one big thing the next time I make it.  I would leave out the onion.  I love caramelized onions and the onion in this gave it a nice flavor but I found it to be too sweet.  I prefer my macaroni and cheese to be savory and savory only, but other than that, I doubt I’d tweak anything!

Okay, back to Mrs. Wizenberg.  I meant to mention awhile back that I finished reading her book A Homemade Life, which I devoured like a piece of chocolate cake (maybe even the “Winning Hearts and Minds” cake, which I’ve been dying to try by the way).  I want to try just about every recipe in that book, even the ones I ordinarily wouldn’t think twice about.  Now that is the sign of a good writer.  I enjoyed Molly’s book so much, that it was sad to put down and I’m already excited at the idea of re-reading it…many times.  How she intertwines her life’s journeys, anecdotes and encounters with food with each recipe is done so stunningly and effortlessly.  The result is some truly gorgeous, endearingly candid prose, and I swear you’ll want to be her best friend after reading it.  I also love how family and friend centric it is, because it is true, our best food memories are experienced or shared with the people we love and I think many bonds can formulate over a mind-blowing piece of cheesecake or a simple plate of spaghetti.  I checked Molly’s blog, Orangette yesterday (something I check daily since I can’t get enough of her writing), and sure enough it had been updated.  I swear, each new blog post she puts forth is a treat.  It is like waking up on Christmas morning.

I have some more updates but for fear of crowding this post too much, I’ll refrain for now.  Also, I’ll be back shortly this week, with some Cary Restaurant favorites!  (I promise I’ll be a good blogger this week and that I won’t be absent for almost 10 days straight).  Time to relish the sugar coma of the Hoosier Pie!


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  1. I love pie too. have you seen the movie the Waitress…it is a must see if you like to bake pies. This looks lovely.

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