The Apples Were Singing

This morning I slept.  I mean I really slept – until 10 AM!  I felt lazy but it was nice, especially after the night I had.  Jay and I ran around (literally) downtown Greensboro for 55 minutes!  It was part of an event to promote Triad Stage’s Around the World in 80 Days, and was naturally called “Around Downtown in 80 Minutes.”  It was so much fun, and we didn’t even mind the cold.  We didn’t win but we came in 7th, out of about 60 two-person teams – not too shabby if you ask me!  I’m not even a runner.  The major incentive of course, was food – first place was a dinner at 223 and also a one night’s stay at the Biltmore Hotel (also in downtown).  So needless to say, we were exhausted from all that running.

A cup of coffee in bed, after a long luxurious sleep is quite an indulgence.  It’s not something I get to partake in all that often.  It reminds me of my trip to LA with Donna, a few years ago, where she had to hold a cup of coffee under my nose every morning, to stir me from my sleep and help me pour my un-morning person self out of bed.  Sometimes, there would even be a donut with that coffee.  (Donna is such a good friend).

This morning we had some steel-cut oatmeal with ramekins of cream (for dipping), and some apples sauteed with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and it was divine – the perfect lazy morning breakfast, simple, rich and hearty.  I’d never sauteed apples like that before but I figured it would be an easy task (which it was), so I just winged it.  I loved how with each sprinkling of brown sugar and more heat, the apples would sing.

We breakfasted over a private screening of Crazy Heart (but you didn’t hear this from me)!  It was a good accompaniment to the oats, with some beautiful shots of giant  midwestern clouds and sunsets over lonely, desert terrain and two solid performances by Jeff Bridges and Maggie Gyllenhaal.  It reminded me a lot of Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler.

Now, I sit at The Green Bean, finishing my last inch of coffee and listening to the latest episode of the Spilled Milk podcast for some inspiration, but now my stomach is a rumbling and I want to do some braising.

I still have to tell you about my fabulous dining experience at Pool’s and I shall have an Academy Awards dinner party update for you very soon – I can’t wait!


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