Food, Fondly

I love food.  I love looking at it, thinking about it, making things with it and planning with it.  I love it so much, that I spend most of my free time scouring the Internet for food blogs and recipes.  I find my heart melting over glossy, food styled photos and my mouth salivating.  My recipe binder (which I like to refer to as my “Bible”), is about to burst at the seams, as if the book itself has had too much to eat, but nonetheless, I am a woman on a mission.  I can never have too big of a recipe collection.  Not to mention, I  may have a food porn addiction.  (Have you seen the some of the photos on  I found myself in Parker and Otis this afternoon, marveling over cookbooks (and of course I mean the prettiest looking ones).  Instead of a new pair of flats, it is a microplane that I long for.

I’ve just ordered foodie & literary goddess Molly Wizenberg’s A Homemade Life and The Grand Central Baking Book, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to spend some quality time in the kitchen and dive right in.

I especially love cooking with the best of company.  There’s a sense of partnership or collaboration and afterward, if you’re lucky, a sense of accomplishment, which is perhaps one of the most gratifying feelings one can have.   In fact, even if  the dish is a complete failure and you feel like you want to throw yourself onto the kitchen floor and reenact the tantrum scenes from Julie and Julia, you still created something and learned something along the way.

There is always going to be trial and error with cooking.  Sometimes I am going to make a souffle and it will cave in.  I will manage to burn a fillet of salmon and completely under cook it on the inside.  I will  forget to put eggs in a cake, and maybe I will accidentally use baking soda instead of baking powder or confuse a measurement here and there.  I may light the oven on fire.  All of these inconvenient little foibles are part of why I look forward to cooking so much.  Under any other circumstances they might bother me (and this is not to say I don’t have my bouts of frustration here and there, because I definitely do!), but for some reason, I don’t mind these so much.  I like learning from my mistakes and figuring out what I would do differently next time.  Bring it on foibles!

With my increasing passion over the past year, for all things food-related, I’ve decided to share some photos from the culinary highlights I’ve experienced.  (Click on each picture, for a description).  Notice a trend with the baking?  Forget “sweet tooth,” I have sweet teeth.


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  1. Lauren

    mm your pie was good 🙂

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