Hi there.  This is a little intimidating…the first entry and my first blog.  I was keeping a journal and intend to go back to it eventually but have decided to give this a go, since it has been far too long since I’ve written anything and that is just not acceptable.  I don’t want this just to be a blog about cooking or movies or random thoughts, but an eclectic blog where I can write about all of these things I love or find interesting, and more.  Lately I’ve been inspired by some pretty amazing blogs (mostly food related ones), that are inviting and charming and full of stunning photography and mouth-watering recipes.  I’m hoping that with this blog, I can inspire the same in other people.

There is still some work to be done.  I need to learn exactly how to navigate this site, something I was wrestling with, especially due to the fact that I was using my five year-old laptop that now has the pace of a 100 year-old.  There was heavy sighing and verbal bursts of frustration and insults, specifically directed at said laptop, followed by some soothing encouragement from my patient boyfriend, a much needed beer and a break.  I’ve yet to  figure out the aesthetics (layout, fonts, colors, etc.). but I just wanted to get some writing out first.  Mission accomplished!  I’ll tackle the rest very soon.


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